Fred Hasson - Vocals

Instruments played: Vocal chords, harmonica, percussion
Musical equipment used; VE20 Harmoniser
Notable performances: Isle of Wight 1969, Glastonbury Festival 1970 and 71: Roundhouse 69, 70, 71; Paradiso Amsterdam 69, 70, 71;
Bands I've been in Levitation, Marsupilami
Main influences: Frank Zappa, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Chet Baker, Chick Corea, Avishai Cohen, T-Bone Walker, Muddy Waters/Shakin' Horton, Lee Oscar
Musical ambitions: To write new music and sing and play better, but also to record the Arena concept album music with a decent budget and time (the original was done almost live in 5 days!)
Meet The Players For Glastonbury 2011
Vanessa Bielatowicz - Vocals, Recorder (yes...a school girl's recorder!)

Instruments played:Piano, vocals, rock recorder ;o)
Musical equipment used: Recorder (Aulos old school cool)
Notable performances: My first ever solo singing Little Donkey at the age of five in my bridesmaid dress (my request) is a particularly noteable performance. I have always been encouraged to perform and sing and this set me on my way.
Bands I've been in: Touch (Soul function band), Paul & Vanessa (Jazz Duo), Harry's band (pop, rock and soul covers), CCK gospel choir.
Alex Hutson- Guitar

Instruments played: Guitar
Musical equipment used: 1978 Les Paul Gibson Custom, Fender Stratocaster Custom, an assortment of pedals....ZVEX Distortron, Mastotron, Box of Metal, Super Duper 2in1, and Machine....Digitech Whammy, Boss Tuner, Loop Master switching pedal, Dunlop Cry Baby Wah, Schaller Fusschweller (volume pedal), Line 6 DL4, Fender Twin Reverb Amp.
Notable performances: only in the bedroom really!
Bands I've been in: Vane, The Magdalenes (unsigned original material acts), Rift (Covers band).
Main influences - Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Who, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, Pink
Floyd, Queens Of The Stone Age, Nirvana, Jimmi Hendrix, Alice In Chains, Steve Vai, Guns'N'Roses, Metallica.
Wayne McConnell - Keyboard

Wayne McConnell
Instruments played: Piano/Keys, Drums.
Musical equipment used: Roland Atelier Combo Organ, Roland RD700 Stage Piano, Various Roland
Amps. Wayne is using the excellent Atelier AT350C Combo Organ on sponsor from Roland.

'This really is an amazing machine, it authentically recreates the sound and feel of the original B3 and many other popular Organs. Not only that, it looks amazing and the action is the best I've played. I can't thank Dean Lawrence (Accordion & Organ Product Manager Roland (UK) Ltd) enough. I highly recommend this instrument to any serious keyboard player looking for authentic sounds and action!'

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Notable performances: With Oscar Peterson Drummer Ed Thigpen in London and Miles Davis’ Tenor
Player George Coleman in New York.
Bands: Too many to mention a handful are: Day Release (with Romanian Sax star Eddie Neumann),
My own Trio/Quartet, DM Quartet, various function bands and Big-bands.
Main influences – Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Ravel, Stravinksi, Bach, Duke Ellington,
Joe Zawinal, Charlie Parker, Radiohead, Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Nirvana, Run DMC, Herbie Hancock,
Ornette Coleman, McCoy Tyner, Bill Evans, the Spice Girls (no joke!).
George Oates - Bass Guitar

Instruments played: Guitar, bass and tinkering on the piano.
Musical equipment used: 1970's Japanese copy of a Fender precision.
Notable performances: A few embarassing ones!
Bands I've been in: RIFT
Main influences/music I love: Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck, Kula Shaker, Pink Floyd, Avishai Cohen, The Beatles, Santana, Buddy Guy, Theivery Corperation, Ray La Montagne, The Rolling Stones, Julian Cope, Etta James, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, The Allman Brothers Band, Kate Bush, The Stranglers, Frank Zappa, The Doors, Tom Jones(!). Im partial to most things... classic rock, psychadelic, Jazz/fusion etc etc.
Jim Whyte - Drums

Instruments played: Drums
Musical equipment used: Vintage Slingerland Drums / Zyldjian, Sabian, Istanbul cymbals.
Who I've performed with: Martin Slattery (The Hours), Stuart McCallum (Cinematic Orchestra), James Brown (band), Keith Emerson (E.L.P), Guy Garvey (Elbow), Dame Evelyn Glennie, Pete Wareham (Acoustic Ladyland), plus a whole host of the some country's finest and greatest jazz musicians.
Bands i'm in: My own quartet; 'Sonic Butterfly' and duo 'Under the Saltire', alternative jazz trio 'Full Circle', electro folk/rock group 'Oddfellows Casino', and Afro/Russian jazz quartet 'The Descendants'.
Currently working on the Brighton and UK music scene as an in-demand session drummer/musician and teacher.
Main Infuences: Jazz, rock, folk, Latin American, pop, Indian and classical music.
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Leary Hasson - Keyboard

Formed Marsupilami with brother Fred Hasson in 1968 in Taunton Somerset. When the band folded in late 1971, he joined Transatlantic stablemates CMU (Contemporary Music Unit) with whom he recorded a Marsupilami track meant for the 3rd album that never was - "Lighshine". When CMU folded in 1975, Leary became one of the first pioneering organic farmers in UK, and now runs and organic potatoe business as a day job, but continues to compose and play live music in local Somerset bands.
Paul Dunmall - Saxophone

Uk's acknowledged prime force in avant garde jazz saxophone. Started career with Marsupilami in 1970, and went on to play in the US with Alice Coltrane and Johnny 'Guitar' Watson. Back in the UK Paul has had a long association with Keith Tippett , and makes regular appearances at the Vortex in east London. He has a long discography. As described by freejazz_co_uk[3] "Dunmall sounds at times like Sonny Rollins at others like Evan Parker, but arguably surpasses both in the precision and succinctness of expression ... his work is the very opposite of indulgent - this is music of the utmost seriousness and importance."
We were at the first
Isle of White Festival in 1969!
Arena (1971) - Audio CD
Digitally remastered by Esoteric Records
Marsupilami (1970) - Audio CD
Digitally remastered by
Esoteric Records
David Godleman - Sound/Performance Manager

I bring my ears to to the band!

I taught myself guitar as a youngster playing localing in Kent based bands. I then learnt to be a successful DJ for 6 years where I stood out technically with high-impact mixing joined with delicate frequency manipulation. I then returned to the guitar and vox. I'm now the lead vocalist for a covers band, Rift. I love all kinds of good music.

From the beginning of this new incarnation, I've been helping Marsupilami to achieve the sound essential to the proper Marsupilami experience.